Meet Summit Shah

My name is Summit Shah; I specialize in capturing life moments on camera. Sometimes I capture them on my mind and wish I had a way of reproducing the moments for everyone to see. That is why I keep a very old friend, a Classic Hasselblad 500. It was a gift that helped me capture the epic and panoramic wildebeest migration of July 2007. The sheer magnificence of capturing a charged herd of hundreds of thousands of wildebeests is a moment of a lifetime for me. A moment only trumped up by my own family moments.

For my clients, the moment means everything. When my clients tell me, “I want to make a memory”. What I hear is, “I want you to capture the memory for me”. It is not an easy thing for someone to trust you with capturing his or her moment in one instance; I know that only too well. It may be a date, an engagement, a family gathering, a wedding, a memory. For me, every work is an opportunity to give you a chance to always relieve your moment once more, every time you see the photographs.

I take inspiration from great photographers who were on record having waited for months to capture a single nature’s moment. I also take inspiration in the random internet snapshots who nature favors them once in a lifetime and their pictures gain global recognition. I also see what doing what I love does to my clients. I see how families relieve and rekindle passion. I have witnessed history being made on a daily basis. I stand behind that camera knowing that what is before it will be part of history tomorrow.

If the way I love my wife and kids is the way everyone loves his family, then I am a lucky man to be part of that good world. I capture my family always trying to redo a marvelous moment I capture out there. In the studio, outdoors, on the go, wild out there, it is all about how you like, I will be behind there to keep that moment forever yours.

Lately, a picture has added one more word and it is worth 1001 words courtesy of the digital transformation. Also, with technology, capturing moments now is an epic journey. Do you want the moment re-winded 10 years ago? We can travel together that road. As for me, I will gladly show you the ropes.

This talent has matured for over 10 years as a professional. Though my specialty was mathematics at some time, I think I only use the skills to calculate the aperture, pixel range, exposure compensation, and shutter speed. This year, I have captured over 20 professional shoots and hope to do more. My signature yearly moment was the night panorama for the city of Boston for a casino marketing gig.

I know my clients want beauty, elegance, class, energy, power and much more. I can only immerse myself into the moment. If the moment oozes splendor and glamour, that is what comes out. If it is passion and love, then we get passion and love.