9 Tours That Will Turn You Into a Traveling Photographer

Tours come in handy when you choose a perfect place to visit and understand some of the things to do. Many people today rely on information from different online sources to gauge the quality of tours, and the most challenging part is that a lot of the information provided does not entirely reflect the truth on the ground. It is harrowing to notice that you chose the wrong venue after spending money and time to get there, not to mention the preparation.

If you have always wanted to enjoy an extremely awesome experience while on a tour, I have compiled a short list of some of the tours I enjoyed. Most of these are about places that are so beautiful and breathtaking that you immediately turn into a photographer because you cannot afford to just wish those memories away. Even if you chose a single tour every vacation period, you would always want to get more if the choice you made in the first place includes a venue whose natural features are inspiring. Here are some tours across the world compiled with help from Summit Shah, a tech expert and travel enthusiast, that will definitely turn you into a ravel photographer.

1. Santorini, Greece Tour

For many years, Santorini has been highlighted as the supermodel of Greek Islands, and this is due to its beauty and features that welcome visitors to a whole new experience. The face of Santorini is made up of beautiful features that are instantly recognizable. Its multi-colored cliffs that soar from a sea-drowned caldera will give you a reason to try your skills at photography even when you are new to the art. The island has held a reputation for romantic sunsets, dazzling panoramas, and volcanic sand beaches, features that make it one of the bucket lists of many travelers.

It does not matter whether you visit at night or during the day as every moment presented is an opportunity to embrace photography and enjoy the beautifully crafted architectural presentations. Due to its volcanic history, Santorini takes the shape of a croissant, and when you view neighboring islets you get a hint that it was once circular. Besides the beautiful rings formed through the volcanic eruption and periodic degradation, its caldera-edge settlements are a sight to behold as most of them sit atop cliffs at dizzying heights, while others spill down the cliffsides, offering gasp-inducing views that make for great sights for photographers.

2. Petra, Jordan

Originally referred to as Raqmu, Petra is an archaeological and historical city located in Jordan that you should visit to feel the pleasure of experiencing the beauty of ancient decorations and cultures. The city has for many years maintained its rock-cut architecture, which has helped re-define architecture and offered a glimpse into the ancient times specifically focusing on engineering models applied. Once you arrive, you are welcomed with vast stacks of sandstone, which loom over the valley of Wadi Musa like sun-baked clay. Within the parched landscape there are also areas where the sun does not cast light and the 200 meter high walls cast in shadow leaving a dramatic scene only reminiscent of gothic films highlighting ancient topography.

The venue is completely silent when dawn falls, not even birds chirrup to give company to the lonely footsteps that rest on the patchwork floor of sand and rock. Apart from venturing within Petra, you might as well pick a camel and head beyond to see more around the outlying hills. Take your camera with you when visiting Petra as failure to do it will leave you dejected due to the lost opportunity to carry along the beautiful memories.

3. Tuscany, Italy tour

I understand you might have visited Italy before, but the truth is the country is packed with many places to visit as well as things to do. One of the best tours I enjoyed while in Italy was visiting Tuscany, which is defined by lyrical landscapes and world-class art. Every bit of the experience marries well with the land, and you will have an opportunity to also learn about the amazing history of Tuscany. One thing you will notice about Tuscany is its timeless landscapes that come with familiarity with the famous Florentine cathedral dome.

Its hills that roll gently are dipped in soft morning mist and cypress alleys, creating surreal scenery that will temp you to exercise your mastery of photography. Adding to this magnificence is the golden wheat fields and pea-green fields that line up in terraced rows along the hillsides, forming a peaceful prelude to romance. At the top of the hills are villages that include medieval architecture. You could get out exploring by joining a number of activities including cycling or hiking.

4. Bagan, Myanmar

Myanmar is filled with places to visit and things to do, but no other venue beats the Bagan temple and its vicinity in offerings and things to see. The region is bureaucratically referred as the Archeological Zone of Bagan, and it occupies a whole 26-sq miles area. On the northern and western sides of the temple passes the Ayeyarwady River, and right at the top of the temple you can spot the contours made by the river between beautifully presented plantations. Generally, the architecture takes an ancient profile, but there is a rare sense of serenity this crates that you will find soothing even as you walk around and meet the people.

Likewise, the culinary options offered highlight traditional dishes and recipes that you might be triggered to borrow. During the nights, there are no opportunities for partying as the region is founded on a culture that does not bend so much on festivities, which are held occasionally, but with a lot of enjoyment if you happen to be lucky to catch up with one. All you need is to stroll around enjoying the calm and getting satisfying views of the beauty presented through the architecture of the entire area and rare tree species that surround the village.

5. Tekapo, New Zealand

Since the Lord of Rings movie premiered, New Zealand has seen an explosion in popularity across the travel community. While visiting Middle Earth, it is necessary to plan well because there are many islands to visit, which look small on the map, but large when you arrive. Tekapo is one of them and the more you drive into it, the more you are brought to the realization that it holds a huge wealth of inspiration that triggers some zeal to embrace photography. At night, you have an opportunity to take part in star gazing as you get a clear view of the Milky Way, which can be seen while at Lake Tekapo.

This area is protected and listed as a part of the sky reserve. As you approach the shore of the lake, you will come across Church of the Good Shepherd, which is strategically positioned that you might think it was built there purposely to allow photographers to enjoy a photography holiday while on the island. With its many natural features that attract many photographers, the popularity of the island is well deserved.

6. Marina Bay, Singapore

After you have combed through places with ancient architecture and a lot of natural features like landscapes, you might as well want to get a glimpse of amazing modern architecture. To start, you are invited to try Marina Bay in Singapore. Many of the photography opportunities you will get are accessible while around Marina Bay as well as the small CBD of the city. During the night, the city kicks to life, highlighting beautiful lights that are complemented by a laser light show that is regularly scheduled. Regardless of the angle you choose to view the lights and buildings, you are able to get inspiration to try your luck in photography.

For someone deep into things modern, this is the perfect place to visit. From art presentations to events that take place, you will get a sense of how far technology has moved and this is also where you will see some of the most sophisticated technologies that you have never known exist. Most interesting is the scenic waterfront, which is most amazing to view at night when the lights flicker to create awesome reflections in the still waters, a venue that is photographers’ favorite.

7. Mt. Fuji, Japan

Every season in Japan presents a different opportunity, and photographers gleefully embrace these changes to document as the transitions unfold. To get the best experience as a traveler, you might try visiting Mt. Fuji, which is decorated with blooming cherry blossoms that create a phenomenal photography subject. Cherry blossoms have been preserved and cherished by the Japanese people for centuries as they are taken to represent fertility and come as a reminder that life sometimes can become overwhelmingly beautiful, yet be tragically short. When the blooming period peaks, it lasts few days and this is the time many photographers are on standby to get a glimpse of the beauty and document it.

You may choose to join in the merry to also take as many photos as you can. Besides the blossoming of the cherries, you will find the views around the mountain breathtaking. At 3,776.24 meters, Mt. Fuji is highest in Japan and its peaks that are covered in ice are a sight to behold. Several activities also take place around the mountain including hiking and climbing, all which come with the temptation to do some photography.

8. Hallstatt, Australia

Often referred to as the pearl of Australia, Hallstatt fits the words picture perfect. This is what will come to your mind after you arrive. This is a little village that is packed with exquisite beauty and regardless of the time of day you visit, there are things to see and do that are interesting. What is more interesting about Hallstatt is the architecture and warm lighting at night that will trigger you to become a traveling photographer. Its features include 16th-century alleys and alpine house that accommodate cafes and shops.

9. Dubai, UAE

Many people know about Dubai, courtesy of the hype placed on its architecture, and true to the information shared around, you will be invited into a unique world where architecture reigns supreme. But life here is not confined to the city; you are offered other opportunities to visit the desert part of Dubai, where you are brought to contact with dunes and wind. Dubai is a compositional playground that offers endless opportunities to spot unique architecture and views that are vertigo inducing.

The nightlife scene is lively and the ultramodern buildings at such time of day add a dramatic sense of beauty that will inspire you to do several photos. The Dubai fountain, which includes jets of water and lights that are choreographed to music, is also a place you should visit.

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