Summit Shah Recommends The Top 5 Cameras for Aspiring Photographers

Photography is a rewarding hobby. It can be the gateway to a lucrative career. Photography can improve your view of the world. As a discipline, it allows you to take a break from your hectic daily schedule and enjoy the beauty around you. It enables you to capture and share unique moments with the world. This art can also improve your confidence and increase your networks.

You need a camera to take good photos. There are numerous options available to the aspiring photographer. There are countless online resources to enable you to pick the right one. Let us look at several options to help you unleash your creativity.

1. Nikon D3300

This camera allows you to take very detailed and crystal clear photos. It performs well in low light conditions reproducing real life colors vividly. It is an ideal choice for outdoors. The upgraded LCD option enables you to view and take amazing shots even in the sunlight. The camera takes high definition close-ups too. It is lightweight with a comfortable grip and an easily accessible media slot. You can start with automatic settings and gradually move to the advanced options.

2. Canon EOS 200D

This camera is affordable, compact, and easy to use. It has an excellent live view autofocus system and superb image quality. The interface is user-friendly allowing you to make essential changes to the settings on the go. The compact size makes it easy to carry along on any occasion. It includes handy features such as a selfie mode, background blurring, as well as built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easier connectivity.

3. Pentax K-70

This is a robust and weatherproof entry-level DSLR camera. It is resistant to both rain and dust allowing you to take great shots without risking your gear. It has enhanced stability, which reduces camera shake during shots. It features a convenient live view system that lets you enjoy the shooting experience. The camera is backed by a world class brand name. It is relatively inexpensive and is an excellent choice to stretch the bang out of your buck.

4. Fuji X-T10

This empowers you to snap high-quality shots with ease. It is compact and lightweight with an excellent grip. You can quickly change the exposure settings to change to diverse scenes quickly. This camera is the perfect choice for those who wish to capture moving subjects with precision. You can use interchangeable lenses with this camera. This makes it easy to upgrade to a professional level.

5. Sony A58

This camera has excellent image quality generally found in more expensive DSLRs. It can produce large crisp prints as well as shoot full HD videos. It has a long lasting battery, which gives you the peace of mind to focus on taking good shots. It can keep moving objects in sharp focus. You have a wide choice of professional lenses from Sony and Carl Zeiss too.


Research to find the ideal match for your style, budget, and preferences. Experiment with various settings to get familiar with the perfect shooting preferences. Understand your camera and how things such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO affect the quality of your photos. Best of all, get out there, take some breathtaking pictures and share your experiences.